4phive™ phytocannabinoid-rich, 100% USA grown hemp oil products, rich in CBD,CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes is uniquely and completely free from THC. For that reason we are able to ship our products across state lines and to dozens of countries around the world!

Authenticated Third-Party Tested

4phive products are backed by a Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Quality Assurance from our manufacturing partner. Regular and ongoing monitoring through third party labs is done to ensure quality and accuracy of their internal lab. These robust and rigorous processes and qualification methods mean we can extend the reach of our entire product line far and wide!

Global Shipping Locations

USA (please be mindful of your states current laws, as some states may vary as legislations take place).

Japan | China | Hong Kong | Vietnam | Taiwan | Malaysia | India | Asia | Indonesia | Australia | New Zealand | Mexico | Costa Rica | South America (including Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador) | Canada (all provinces) | Europe/EU (including England / United Kingdom | Ireland | Scotland | Netherlands | Germany | Spain | France | Portugal | Poland | Italy | Switzerland | Ukraine | Greece | Austria | Finland | Norway | Croatia | Denmark | Belgium | Russia | Romania | Iceland | Hungary |The Baltics | Israel | South Africa