What's in a name? 4phive fully and intentionally transparent.

PHIVE — Direct Meaning "Life Itself"

Ref: Quadrivium, the four classical liberal arts of Number, Geometry, Music, and Cosmology. Republish- Wooden Books, 2010. The original and most pure and accurate source of education dating back to 500bc. Taught by Pythagoras as the Tetraktys, "in a community where all were equal, materially and morally, and where women had equal status to men." Studies within Quadrivium explains our deeply connected structure of self and life itself, in its molecular status and in connectivity with the universe at large and all things within. It is the study of "the True, the Good, and the Beautiful which leads to the essential harmonious value of Wholeness."


The quality of five is magical.

Children instinctively draw fivefold stars, and we all sense it’s phizzy, energetic quality.

It is the universal number of reproduction and biology of life. A fibonacci number, it is also the number of water, every molecule of which is a corner of a pentagon. Water itself is an amazing liquid crystal lattice of flexing icosahedra, these being one of the five Platonic solids with five triangles meeting at each point. As such, water shows its quality as being that of flow, dynamism, and life. Dry things are either dead or they are awaiting water.

Fives are found in apples, flowers, hands, and feet. Our nearest planet, Venus, goddess of love and beauty, draws a lovely fivefold pattern about Earth as she whirls around the Sun.

Our most universal scale, the pentatonic, is made of five tones (the black keys on a piano), grouped into two and three. The Renaissance demand for intervals involving the number five, like the major third, which uses the ratio 5:4, produced the modern scale." Ref: Quadrivium

All this to say, PHIVE is life itself.

Without this PHIVE, and its intrinsic meaning, we would not exist.

PHIVE, Or Five (5) Broken Down Is 3+2.

So, where does four (4) fit in?

Four is associated with the beginning of the realm of the manifestation of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Four comes before five, and is necessary for five to exist. Required for phive to THRIVE.

Now we have 4phive (or, for life itself). And with our tag-line, 4phive to thrive (or, for life itself to thrive).

The numerical form

If we break down their numerical form of 4+3+2, or 432, something incredible happens. 432 is on the golden ratio, and is a perfect frequency and harmonization of sound. Its tones provoke and ignite a harmonization of cells and health.

As an example, most music these days is set on an alternate frequency of 440, which does not promote harmonization of cells and molecular health. Somehow, at some point the frequency was changed. How and why is a conversation for another time. It's simply important to realize that we are, essentially, pummeled these days by sounds and foods which have been altered from their intended goodness.

Did You Know?

Have you ever wondered why our internal organs are referred to as "organs"? As if our body is musically poetic, our inners are known to thrive and align in harmonious health when exposed to frequencies such as 432.

Music To Our Ears

Did you know?

If both ears are placed side by side, the resulting shape forms a heart, and sounds enter through the ears to channels within the body? And, the word EAR is at the center of the word h-ear-t. It is therefore my thought that listening is vitally and more-so valuable than speaking, and what you listen to carries weight. Good in. Good out.

That's just the tip of iceberg. 4phive and/or 432 is full of deep meaning.

It is with all of this and more in mind, that we are on a mission to promote better health, from deep within to its outward manifestations. For life itself to thrive, we have to be willing to unbind ourselves from so much of what we have been taught, or learn what we have not, in order to achieve better health.

Speaking personally, I can not say that I would have embraced these ideas to such a degree, accept for the life-changing, mind-changing health and wellness (or shall I say lack there-of) battles that I have experienced. My story can be read on the "A Cannabinoid Story" page.

The meaning of the brand is quite intentional

As are the products we plan to introduce to you. The ingredients, essentially given to us. They are pure, all-natural and as many as possible-100% organically grown. They are 100% safe. Ask yourself, why would we instead accept medicines and supplements filled with synthetics and toxins? Our bodies deserve better! Period.




Thanks for taking an interest in our products!