About 4phive:
In life, we will each go through trials and circumstances that test us. We then have opportunities to better ourselves and share what we had learned with others. The founding of 4phive is the result of a passion that grew from one of these challenges.
When trial means you're struggling to get back to a quality of life due to disease, because prescribed drugs steal your sense of self and cause more harm, it's time for a drastic change.
I went through a DNA/drug study called pharmocogenonics, and discovered that my body did not react favorably toward many drugs in the way they had been developed to work. They were not safe, for me. I had to medicate and eat clean. I had to detox my body in an effort to gain health and healing to remedy disease.
Cannabis quickly helped me experience balance and greatly improve disease symptoms, from varied degrees of all things related to the peripheral and autonomic nervous system.
A passion was born to advocate for this plant, both male and female.
With the development of 4phive, we bring to you a HEMP derived, clean, THC-free skincare collection. 
Just as important as the foods we fuel our body with, are the products we put on our skin. For this reason, we focus on using a host of effective and wonderful all-natural ingredients, and as organically grown as possible. We are transparent.  We will always list the percentage of organic, as well, we will always let you know the milligrams of CBD in any given product.
The meaning of the brand is intentional– want to learn more? https://4phive.com/pages/whats-4phive
Our Mission: To promote health and wellness in every stage of beauty by providing pure products that fortify inner wellness and enhance outer radiance.
Tania Jarvinen, founder.